Magic By Harry

Harry Versluijs

mike and harryThis page was created to introduce you to the music of my dear friend and mentor Harry Versluijs. Harry’s music should actually begin playing as you read this post. Harry and I met originally through our associations with ReverbNation. As an RN artist you tend to visit the pages of many artists and listen to their music. There are many artists on RN that have definitely managed to impressed me but there was something about Harry’s material that kept drawing me back to his page again and again. Most of Harry’s song postings are simple recordings of him playing his guitar and singing songs that he’s written over the years. The thing is you can and probably will find true magic in those simple recordings and the music that he writes. Not rabbit out of a hat magic mind you but the kind of magic that can temporarily transport you to a different place and time with no smoke or mirrors required or involved. Harry’s magic is instead just honest true sound generated by someone who puts his heart and soul into every note he plays or sings.

Harry lives in the Netherlands but I really wanted to work with him so we began discussing the possibilities through email messages and Skype sessions. We have since begun collaborating to develop full production versions of a few of his songs. Through this collaboration it became crystal clear to me in a short period of time that this man is a true artist and perhaps one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. Harry is currently visiting the US so I recently had an opportunity to meet him face to face in NC. I took a mandolin with me so I even had a chance to sit and play a song or two with him. During that session, I quickly became mesmerized and found myself just sitting there listening to Harry play and sing. The magic is definitely in his recordings but when you have an opportunity to hear him in person it can be almost overwhelming. Over the years I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some pretty amazing musicians but Harry performs with a style and grace that’s simply unparalleled in my experience.

If you’ve continued reading to this point, you’ve hopefully heard at least one of Harry’s songs. If you are even half as impressed with his ability as I am, please do what you can to introduce others to his music as well. Based on our conversations, I think all Harry ever really wanted was for his songs to be heard. Personally though I would truly love to see Harry finally receive the recognition he deserves. If you want to learn more about Harry or hear more of his songs please visit his internet pages…
Personal Site  @
SoundCloud  @
ReverbNation  @
YouTube  @

Thank you for your time…