Life’s Images

Technology is a wonderful thing; however, our lives have become so complex because of it that we tend to ignore the beauty that surrounds us everyday. Think about it. How long has it been since you actually took a walk in the park or stopped to watch the birds in the trees for a moment? We all desperately need inspiration and it surrounds us we’re just too busy to notice it.

Fortunately, my wife (Julie) loves to capture the images that the rest of us tend to walk right past with her camera. Her images have provided me with inspiration for many years and now it’s time to share that inspiration with others that may need it. So, this page was created to share some of those images with anyone who’s willing to take the time to enjoy them. If you don’t have the time right now, that’s okay. Just remember there’s a page on this site where you can take a peaceful stroll through “Life’s Images” and it will be here whenever you need it…

The images displayed on this page are dramatically reduced resolution copies of the original files. The images were captured with a high resolution camera. If you’re interested in obtaining a full resolution copy of any image you see here, please feel free to send a request to Julie.